Too Fly Not To Fly serves as a socio-emotional learning tool for ages Pre-K-3rd grade to critically examine issues impacting their lives, through the lens of the black child. With corresponding questions for each letter of the alphabet, this reflective resource promotes discussion skills for children. Too Fly Not To Fly playfully explores colorism, gender binaries, food deserts, mental health and more!


Briana McLean and Desmond Owusu are the co-creators of Too Fly Not To Fly. Briana and Desmond met while teaching in Chicago Public Schools on the south side of the city. Their friendship and artistic collaboration began from there. Briana and Desmond believe in the power of culturally relevant learning. Through their creation of Too Fly Not To Fly, Desmond and Briana seek to provide an outlet for young children to begin the deconstruction of various societal hierarchies using the alphabet. 

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